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Notice of Asbestos Maintenance in school buildings



Oberlin High School is committed to enhancing the academic potential of every student while creating life-long learners.




Oberlin High School is a place where all students have the opportunity to become successful and productive citizens in a safe, positive environment through the guidance of the educational community, which is accountable and supportive of high academic standards and personal dreams.




The Oberlin High School philosophy promotes a multifaceted educational program that produces responsible, educated young adults. We aim to develop the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional capacities of all students. 

In order to attain the previous goals, the following objectives must be met:

​To stress educational development in English, Science, Mathematics, and communication skills.

​​To instill confidence and pride in each student, and to develop their individual maturity in order to promote independent capable adults.

​To promote individual and team competition through a well-rounded physical education program.

​To provide educational information that fosters excellent health and hygiene.

​​To promote racial equality, citizenship, and leadership through curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

​To provide an adequate educational stimulus that insures the optimal development of students on all academic levels.

​To improve community and public support by encouraging parental involvement in the educational development of students.

​To demand a strict policy of professionalism, honesty, and open communication for all members of the administration and faculty of Oberlin High School.


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