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All student athletes at OHS will conform to the following drug policy set by the school: OHS may randomly test one male and one female athlete during a sports season using a urine specimen upon request of the principal. The athlete and parent will also sign an LHSAA contract to participate.



Students should show proper courtesy and respect before, during, and after the game. Students should show appreciation for superior performance by both teams and should stay the entire game no matter who is winning. Students should not distract members of either team during tense moments or start a cheer when the opposing team has one in progress. Students should refrain from entering the court or field during game time and should be good losers and modest winners. Students should exhibit good sportsmanship by not making derogatory remarks or yells. Students should not smoke cigarettes or use alcoholic beverages or drugs at any school function. Any student or spectator who misbehaves at an athletic event may be asked to leave. If ejected, the student or spectator will be banned from any future contests in that sport for the remainder of the season. Depending on the severity of the behavior, the administration may choose to ban him/her from attending any athletic event for the remainder of the school year.


OHS offers a variety of activities. Girls may participate in basketball, softball, track and field, and golf. Boys may participate in football, basketball, baseball, track and field, and golf.

Eligibility for High School Athletics:

  1. A player must be a bona fide student at the school.

  2. A student becomes ineligible for participation if he has reached his 19th (nineteenth) birthday before September 1 of the current year.

  3. A student must submit a birth certificate; a copy is filed at the school.

  4. Once entering the ninth grade, a student is eligible to compete for eight consecutive semesters unless he/she was held back in grades 6-8.

  5. A participant must pass six (6) academic subjects and have a 1.5 GPA per semester.

  6. The participant must pass a physical examination.

  7. A transfer student who completes one year’s attendance from date of enrollment and fulfills all other requirements becomes eligible.

Ejection: Any athlete who is ejected from a game will serve, at minimum, a one game suspension from his/her sport.

Quitting: Any athlete that quits a sport during the season may not participate in another sport until the previous sport’s season is completed.



To participate in football, basketball, or track, these requirements must be met:

  1. A student must submit a birth certificate copy to the school.

  2. Parents must provide proof of insurance (insurance card) and a signed waiver for students to participate.

  3. The participant must pass a physical examination.

  4. A student must pass six of seven academic subjects each six weeks.

  5. A student becomes ineligible for junior high sports if he/she has reached their 15th (fifteenth) birthday before September 1 of the current year.

  6. Student athletes may be subject to other APSB or LHSAA requirements.

A junior high student’s suspension from school may result in removal from the athletic team on which he/she is currently participating. Any athlete’s ejection from a game will face disciplinary action following the ejection.

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