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The following consequences will be applied to student caught cheating:

1st offense—Zero on assignment, referral to the office.

2nd offense—Zero on assignment, ASD

3rd offense—Zero on assignment, ISS

4th offense—Zero on assignment, suspension

5th offense—Zero on assignment, expulsion recommendation



Students are ranked in class on the basis of quality points earned during their high school years. All subjects taught in school are considered, including Driver’s Education and Physical Education. A student with a 3.5 or better GPA will be recognized as an honor student. Seniors may not change schedules at midterm to become honor graduates. The principal will approve the dropping of all courses.



Freshman 0-4 units earned                    Junior 11-15 units earned

Sophomore 5-10 units earned               Senior 16-24 units earned



Grades shall be determined using the scale below. All teachers will follow this grading scale. The numerical equivalent is converted to a letter grade and recorded on the report card. Teachers will give at least four major test grades each six-week period.

Percentage Quality Points

93-100 – A 3.5-4.0 – A

85-92 – B 2.5-3.4 – B

75-84 – C 1.5-2.4 – C

67-74 – D 1.0-1.4 – D

Below 67 – F Below 1.0 – F



Dress Code - Girls:

  • Solid black or solid white dress ONLY. Dress length must be school appropriate.

  • Black dress shoes with heels no higher than two inches. NO sandals or flip-flops will be permitted.

  • Alternate option: White collared dress shirt with black slacks.

  • No nose, lip, or eyebrow rings may be worn.

  • Hair must conform to written school policy (see Section 1.35).

Dress Code – Boys:

  • White collared shirt

  • Black tie

  • Black slacks

  • Black shoes

  • Black socks

  • No earrings or other facial jewelry may be worn.

  • Hair must conform to written school policy (see Section 1.35).


During the ceremony, candidates for graduation must conduct themselves according to written school behavior policy. Failure to do so may result in the withholding of the student’s diploma.



Full participation in the graduation ceremony is a privilege—not a right—for the individual student and his/her parents. Therefore, the privilege of participating in the graduation ceremony on graduation day is governed by the following principles:

  1. Seniors must be enrolled in at least four sequential classes at OHS or at the Technical College.

  2. Successful completion of the courses required by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (a minimum of 24 Carnegie units, passing all required components of the Graduation Exit Examination or End-of-Course tests, or satisfactorily meeting all Options requirements to receive a skills certificate and/or a GED).

  3. Successful completion of the courses required by the Allen Parish School Board.

  4. Certification by the administration as having followed the rules and regulations of the school to such a degree that the student has earned the privilege of participating in the graduation ceremony. Also, a student must be completely cleared of all financial debts or obligations to the school before being allowed to march.

These four requirements must be met before a student is allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Students are expected to follow the school’s dress code, wear the selected cap and gown, and attend graduation practices. Any decision adversely affecting a student’s privilege of being an active participant in the graduation ceremony may be appealed to the Allen Parish School Board. The decision of the School Board is final.

Standard Diploma. The 24 units required for graduation shall include 16 required and 8 elective units; the elective units can be earned at technical colleges as provided in Standard 2.103.35.  In addition to completing a minimum of 24 Carnegie units of credit, a student must pass THREE End-of-Course tests in the following categories to earn a standard diploma:

  • English II (OR) English III

  • Algebra I (OR) Geometry

  • Biology (OR) American History

Academic Endorsement. Students meeting the requirements for a standard diploma and satisfying the following performance indicators shall be eligible for an academic endorsement to a standard diploma:

  1. Student shall meet current course requirements for the TOPS Opportunity Award.

  2. Student shall complete one additional Carnegie unit in mathematics, science, or social studies.

  3. Student shall pass all four components of the GEE with a score of Basic or above.

  4. Students shall complete one of the following requirements: Senior Project, or one Carnegie unit in an AP course with a score of 3 or higher on the AP exam, or one Carnegie unit in an IB course with a score of 4 or higher on the IB exam, or three college hours of non-remedial, articulated credit in mathematics, social studies, science, foreign language, or English Language Arts.

  5. Students shall meet the current minimum grade-point average requirement for the TOPS Opportunity Award.

  6. Students shall achieve an ACT Composite Score of 23 or higher.

Career/Technical Endorsement. Students meeting the requirements for a standard diploma, and satisfying the following performance indicators shall be eligible for a career/technical endorsement to a standard diploma:

  1. Students shall meet the current course requirements for Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) Opportunity Award or the TOPS Tech Award.

  2. Students shall pass the English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies components of the GEE 21 at the Approaching Basic level or above.

  3. See counselor for more details.

Graduation requirements are subject to change by stipulation of BESE and state legislature. OHS will conform to these changes. Students will not be allowed to repeat classes previously passed. Portions of the Louisiana End-of-Course tests must be passed along with the required classes in order to graduate.



The Senior Slideshow will be presented at the Academic Pep Rally and before the commencement of graduation ceremonies. This slideshow will feature all graduating seniors.

All candidates for graduation are expected to submit three (3) photographs for their individual slide in the Senior Slideshow. These pictures may be from any time period in the student’s life, although many students choose to bring a baby/toddler photo, an upper elementary/middle school photo, and a high school/professional senior photo. Ideally, the photo will show ONLY the student; however, parents or siblings may also be included in the image. NO OTHER PERSONS MAY BE PRESENT IN THE INDIVIDUAL PHOTOGRAPHS.

Students are also invited to submit group photographs for a separate section of the Senior Slideshow. A photo will be eligible for use in the “group” category if two or more members of the senior class are present. These photos may be of school-related activities (school dances, class activities, homecoming week activities, parades, class photos, etc.) or may contain images from non-school-related events (birthday parties, church events, etc.). However, students are reminded that ALL images must be school-appropriate; illegal or indecent behavior will not be exhibited.

Photographs must be turned in to Ms. Brittany Manuel by January 31, 2015 (students wishing to use professional senior portraits may turn their 3rd photo in after this date after stating their intentions to Ms. Brittany). These pictures may be submitted in person or digitally via email to . All personal photos may be picked up at any time after the Academic Pep Rally.

The slideshow will be available for purchase at a cost of $20, at any time following the original presentation of the show at the Academic Pep Rally. Please see Ms. Brittany Manuel for more information.



Students are required to dress out and participate in a daily PE program. Each student is required to purchase and wear the school’s PE uniform, tennis shoes, and socks. The PE department is not liable for lost or stolen articles. Sweats may be worn on cold days at PE only.



To be eligible for Honor Roll recognition each six-weeks, a student must make all As and Bs in all subjects. For high school, the student must take at least four subjects. Driver’s Education is not an academic subject. Classes at the Technical College are included.



Students with excused absences must make up all work missed, or they will receive grades of “F.” Students who miss three (3) or fewer days have three (3) school days from the return date to make up work. Students missing four (4) or more days have ten (10) school days from the return date to complete work.


It is the student’s responsibility to meet with the teacher and make arrangements to make up any work missed.


If the student misses only the day of the assigned test, the student must take the test on the day of return, if the teacher desires. (The test must have been previously announced.) If a student is absent the day before a previously announced test and is present the day of the test, the student must take the test, if the teacher desires. Under any other circumstances, the student has three (3) days to make up the test. Students should not be allowed to leave one class to make up work missed in another class.

High School Exams: a grade of “F” for the semester or year will be given if a student fails to make a valid attempt to complete the semester exam. Once the exam is completed, the course grade will be recalculated accordingly. The principal will handle any special situations or extenuating circumstances.


Schedules are made from the student’s four-year plan; the school will announce the deadline for schedule changes at the beginning of each semester. Before a schedule change is made, however, a request must be made in writing by the parent, and a conference must be held with the principal, counselor, teacher, and/or parents. Students must be enrolled in a course at least eighty (80) of ninety (90) days in order to get credit for the semester; therefore, no schedule changes can be made after the tenth (10th) day of the semester. (Junior high students will follow the same procedure.)


Textbooks are the property of the State of Louisiana. Students are responsible for their upkeep during the year and will pay for damages (beyond reasonable wear and tear) or loss. At the end of the year or upon withdrawal from OHS, students must return all books issued to them or pay for their replacement.

Note: Any student in debt to OHS will not participate in any athletic team, club, or co-curricular or extra-curricular program until all debts are cleared.



Students who take and complete the TOPS curriculum and have met the ACT score guidelines may qualify to have their tuition paid when entering college. For a TOPS brochure outlining requirements, please visit the Counselor’s Office.


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