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At the end of each school year, Oberlin High hosts its annual Academic Honors Banquet. This is a time for us to celebrate students’ classroom achievements. All academic subjects are recognized during the ceremony. Each teacher selects the student that they feel has performed above and beyond within their classes.



A guidance counselor is here daily to assist your child in making the most of his/her educational experience. Services are available to all in a variety of settings and are preventative as well as remedial. These services are vital to the educational process and allow students to assess their needs, recognize their abilities, and formulate strategies to achieve their potential. Parents, teachers, principals, and students can initiate a referral to the school counselor. The program includes personal counseling, making referrals to outside agencies, educating faculty and parents, coordinating testing, maintaining records, communicating with families, and scheduling students. The counselor offers guidance in a variety of areas, including decision-making, anger management, and career planning. Your child will be participating in the school’s guidance and counseling program on a regular basis.

The school nurse assists the school with hearing, vision, and scoliosis screenings for students. These records are kept in the school office and are maintained by the school nurse. School nurses make scheduled visits and are available in an emergency.



Lunch is provided at school. Students also have the option to pack a lunch and store it in their lockers. If parents choose to deliver meals, please note the following:

  1. Parents MUST bring all deliveries directly to the front office.

  2. Lunches must be dropped off NO LATER than 11:30 am. Meals brought after this time will not be delivered to students.



The secretary will not interrupt classes to deliver non-emergency messages to students as this interrupts the learning environment and is unfair to the other students in the classroom. Messages will be delivered as time permits.



Students will not call home for forgotten items. Students will not be called from class for forgotten items (i.e. homework, projects, money, PE uniform). Students should organize materials before leaving for school.



The Faculty and Staff at Oberlin High School take pride in our school, especially during Homecoming Week. The administration holds our student body accountable for ensuring that pride is exhibited throughout this week. Numerous activities are planned so that students are able to demonstrate school spirit. Any major discipline infraction resulting in a suspension during Homecoming Week will result in suspension from all homecoming activities during the time of the suspension. Activities include, but are not limited to: representing the class on Court, attending the dance, and attending the football game.



Homecoming Court is voted on by the high school student body. Each class chooses from a list of eligible students and submits their votes using an online balloting system. Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA from the previous year in order to be eligible to serve on Homecoming Court. Only senior students are allowed to serve on Homecoming Court more than one time. The number of students on Court by grade level is as follows:

Freshmen 2 1
Sophomores 2 1
Juniors 3 1
Seniors 3 3

Homecoming King and Queen are voted on by the 9th-12th grade students using an online balloting system. The court is presented and the queen is announced during half-time at the football game. Once the queen is announced, the court will be required to stay for the entire game, and must remain formally dressed for the duration. The king is announced during the Homecoming pep rally. All members of the court are required to attend the dance and remain until the approved dismissal time.



The Homecoming Dance is a school-sponsored event. The following guidelines will be adhered to:

  • No guests over the age of 21 may attend

  • No junior high students will be admitted

  • Guests from other schools must be in good standing with their schools, and must fill out the date approval form

  • Semi-formal dress is considered appropriate attire. No revealing or inappropriate clothing will be allowed.



Each student will receive a student insurance packet on the first day of school. The insurance company, approved by APSB, provides at-school coverage and 24-hour coverage. Checks should be made payable to the insurance company. Parents must complete the appropriate forms and return them to the homeroom teacher. Claim forms are available in the main office.



Students may use the Internet only if the Internet Usage Contract has been properly signed, filed at the school site, and approved by appropriate school personnel and then only in accordance with School District policy and regulations governing such usage.

Any person using computers or other electronic information resources shall be required to use such equipment in a responsible, legal manner. Only school-appropriate material should be accessed on the Internet. The principal will determine what is appropriate. Inappropriate use may result in ASD, ISS, OSS, or expulsion.



Senior rings may be ordered from an outside vendor or through a company selected by the school. During the fall semester, the company’s representatives will make a presentation to the junior class. They will present information on sizes and prices. Rings are then ordered, and a deposit is required. The balance is due before rings are distributed.

When juniors receive senior rings, a ceremony will be held. Only students classified as juniors at the beginning of the year and buying official graduation rings from the OHS-approved firm or an outside vendor may attend the program. Official rings include the school’s name and the year of graduation.



The library is open from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm each day to do research, check out books, and take Accelerated Reader tests. Books may be checked out for a period of up to two weeks (10 school days). Students are responsible for all materials and must pay for lost or damaged books.



The lost and found area is located in the office. If any articles are lost or found, this is the place for the student to report. Students should not leave materials or personal items unsecured. Personal items should be labeled with the student’s name. Students are asked not to bring money or other valuables to the school. If it is necessary to bring any large amount of money to school, it may be left in the office for safekeeping. At the end of each semester, unclaimed items will be donated to a charitable organization.



Meal prices will be announced in August. Students should pay for meals before school in the cafeteria. Students will receive free/reduced lunch applications at the beginning of the school year. Completed forms must be returned to the homeroom teacher or front office. Students may apply for free/reduced meals throughout the year. Extra meal items may be purchased; however, they must be paid in cash and not charged to the lunch account.

Behavior: Students should move to the cafeteria in an orderly manner at the assigned time. Running, pushing, or cutting in line are not allowed. They should behave appropriately—with manners—while in the cafeteria. Throwing food, loud talking, and disruptions are not allowed. Soft drinks and other foods may not be brought into the cafeteria. Once the meal is completed, students should take trays to the receiving counter and deposit them there after putting all paper and uneaten food in the waste containers provided. Chairs should be returned to their places. Students may use the restroom facilities, courtyard area, and library during lunch break. If there are questions during lunch, check with the duty teachers in a courteous manner. OHS is a closed campus; students must stay on campus at lunch. This includes any seniors who have an afternoon class.


Students who drive a motor vehicle to school must register it in the office by presenting a VALID Louisiana Driver’s License, Proof of Insurance, and paying $5 for a parking permit. Upon arrival, students will park the vehicle immediately in the student parking area near the gym and will exit the vehicle. Sitting in or on parked cars is not allowed. All traffic signs and speed limits must be followed.

Cars and other vehicles are not to be loaned to other students or vandalized by other students. Driving is a privilege that can be revoked. Students who violate these policies are subject to disciplinary action by the principal. School officials have the authority to conduct reasonable searches of student vehicles when warranted.



A professional photographer—directed by the yearbook staff and sponsor—takes school pictures and senior portraits on a scheduled school day. A makeup day is set for students who are absent. All students will have their pictures taken, but no student is required to purchase them. The principal will announce the required attire for the day.



Students should label their handbooks and keep them safe at all times. The handbook should be carried with the student throughout the day.



Periodically students are asked to respond anonymously to surveys that enable OHS to assess needs and provide programs to meet those needs. Often, funding for projects must be documented by needs identified in these surveys. Under the provisions of the Protection of Pupil rights amendment to the Educate America Act, parents may refuse permission for their children to participate in these surveys by informing the administrator in writing.



To call home, a student must use a hall pass and complete a phone slip in the office. The secretary will place the call. Students may call home for emergencies or illness ONLY. Calls will not be made for forgotten materials, after-school practices, or PE clothing. Office personnel will determine if an emergency exists.


Vending machines are set on timers and are available after lunch is served. Students are advised to place money in the vending machines at their own risk. No refunds will be made for lost money. Concessions may not be purchased between classes, and they may NOT be brought into the classroom areas.




All visitors to school must register in the office and receive a “Visitor’s Pass.” They should report to the main office when they arrive and state the nature of their visit. They will be directed to the appropriate place. Parents should not go to a classroom or other area unless they have a pass from the office and/or are accompanied by a school employee.


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