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Parents or guardians of students who are ages 7-17 are required by state law to send them to school daily. Parents who violate the state’s attendance law may be fined up to $250 or imprisoned up to 30 days, or both.

A student is in attendance when they are physically present at school or participating in a school activity. A student may not take part in school activities or athletic events if he/she has been absent for ½ day or more (3½ periods).

Students in grades 9-12 must be in attendance at least 83 days a semester in EACH class in order to receive credit for EACH class. Students in grades 7-8 must attend school at least 167 days each school year according to State Bulletin 741.

A student must present a signed note for each absence from his parent or doctor within five (5) days of their return. Students are excused for the following: illness or injury, serious illness in the immediate family, death in the family, recognized religious holidays, and emergencies. For other absences, parents must give prior notice to the principal. If this notice is not given, the absence is unexcused.

Students who are not excused from school (including suspensions) are allowed to make up work missed during the absence. Credit for work will be given at a reduced rate. The Principal and/or the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance will verify extenuating circumstances. Only absences verified by a doctor’s note or for extenuating circumstances (i.e. funerals or court appearances) do not count toward the mandatory 83 days of attendance per semester for high school students or 167 days of attendance per year for junior high students.

Parent notes will be accepted for students to make up work missed during their absence. The first five (5) student absences will be excused with a parent note, and will not count towards the total number of days missed by the student. After the first five (5) days, a parent note will be accepted for a student to be able to make up missed work ONLY; these absences WILL count against the student’s attendance record. Students will not be excused from school work work on any job – including agricultural and domestic services – even in their own homes or for their parents or guardians.

Arrival Time: Supervision of students begins at 7:15 am daily. Upon arrival, students shall report to the quadrangle or to the cafeteria for breakfast.



Students are not to leave the campus during the school day unless the following check-out procedures are followed:

    • Parents must come to the school office to have a student checked out. Instructional time is very important.

Absences will be calculated on a class-by-class basis. Please assist us by leaving school only in an emergency check-out situation.

    • The student must sign the check-out sheet in the office in the presence of office personnel.

    • Teachers will NOT write excuses for students to leave campus.



School begins at 7:54 am. A student who does not report to school or class on time is tardy. A student should be in class when the bell rings. Buses are provided for students. Tardiness and absences resulting from car trouble will not be excused. Notes must be brought the day of the tardy. Students are allowed five (5) morning/late-to-school tardies per semester with parent excuse before they are required to get a doctor’s note.

Unexcused tardiness is handled by the semester as follows: Students who are tardy will be issued a Discipline Note. Students who are tardy three (3) times will be assigned lunch detention. Students with three (3) tardies will be turned in to the District Attorney’s Office for truancy.  Additional infractions will draw more stringent consequences.

Attendance Zones: Each student approved for a school zone transfer shall file a request to attend school out of zone each year with the Allen Parish School Board.

Accountability: All students are under school jurisdiction (rules) during school hours, from the time they arrive at school until the time they leave the school unless extenuating circumstances arise. A student who rides a bus shall be under school rule during parish bus operation times. Students shall be under school rule while attending any school activity. This applies to all students and activities.



Students with excused absences must make up all work missed, or they will receive grades of “F.” Students who miss three (3) or fewer days have three (3) school days from the return date to make up work. Students missing four (4) or more days have ten (10) school days from the return date to complete work.

It is the student’s responsibility to meet with the teacher and make arrangements to make up any work missed.

If the student misses only the day of the assigned test, the student must take the test on the day of return, if the teacher desires. (The test must have been previously announced.) If a student is absent the day before a previously announced test and is present the day of the test, the student must take the test, if the teacher desires. Under any other circumstances, the student has three (3) days to make up the test. Students should not be allowed to leave one class to make up work missed in another class.

High School Exams: a grade of “F” for the semester or year will be given if a student fails to make a valid attempt to complete the semester exam. Once the exam is completed, the course grade will be recalculated accordingly. The principal will handle any special situations or extenuating circumstances.

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